Celebration of Life Services

Even when the loss is profound or unexpected the way we say goodbye is important. It provides closure and provides a gateway to the mourning and grieving that is sure to take place. Funerals can be uplifting whether it is a celebration of life, memorial or funeral, there is no prescribed formula in creating a personalized ceremony. Everyone wants to put together the right service of honour. The service is a reflection of your loved one, and touches everyone in attendance.

When you have a death in your family contact Cynthia to discuss services both religious and non-religious, spiritual and uplifting to help with all your needs at this delicate time.


In our own book of life there is so much to share and this can be done through inspiring stories and healing chatter about the loved one. Prior to the service Cynthia takes time to sit with the family and reminisce about years gone by. This process builds the foundation of a beautiful tale and the story that will move all those in attendance. Love and joy will be inspiring to everyone who will realize there is life after death. Those who have died are never far away, simply no longer here.


Grieving is hard and it is challenging for a long time after the service. Nothing is going to take its place and nothing will make it easy or fun. Good grief is a journey and builds hope and passion for living on in a good way with the memories of the person who has died. This love is deep within the heart and will be expressed through sadness, tears and remembering for the days and weeks to come. Cynthia provides followup time for anyone who needs grief support.


Working through the person’s things is difficult and it takes future planning when you are ready and willing. It is a task that can be undertaken when you are stronger and ready to deal. No one should press or push you into caring for the material objects of your loved one. This cathartic process will bring you joy and pain all at the same time. Cynthia will walk with you as you process and make arrangements with you or for you as the purging takes place.

Those we love don't go away,
they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard,
but always near,
so loved,
so missed,
so very dear.
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