Bell Let’s Talk Day #bellletstalk

Never thought my story was important enough. However, as I heal and grow and learn about self forgiveness, making amends to others and truly seeing how life is altered by our perceived and limiting beliefs, I realize my story is important. It makes sense to others who are struggling. You can read my story here:Continue reading “Bell Let’s Talk Day #bellletstalk”

Spirituality is not religion

Spirituality is not religion. Religion is a means by which many live out their spirituality. So that said, how do those who do not consider themselves religious tap into this part of ourselves? Hildegard of Bingen said, “The soul is kissed by God in its innermost region.” So I ask, are you in touch withContinue reading “Spirituality is not religion”

Care is ongoing … not a one time decision

Retirement verses long term care. People move mom or dad or older family into these beautiful hotel like atmospheres only to realize after the move they are very regulated and take away much freedom and care is often not what is expected. They may be pretty however they are overseen by regulations and authority andContinue reading “Care is ongoing … not a one time decision”