Bloomin’ time….

Is there anything more joyfilled than a sunflower? As I discovered the work of my mantra this morning these greeted me across the street and on my first steps.

What is my mantra today? Well it started last night. I went to bed thinking simply “get up and run” nothing more nothing less. I have been struggling with getting out there. I love it once I go, I am passionate about taking the steps, and I want to participate in the 1/2 marathon in Toronto in October. I cannot do that, in fairness to my body, without training and healthy consistency. So I consistently work on positive thinking and in the moment encouragement. Today, if I can simply go running for 30 minutes, or 5 minutes, either way I have just done it.

So often it is getting going, getting started, making a move, shakin’ a leg, testing the waters, setting aside the apathy and simply doing it …. that makes the difference. Last night I put bananas on my Rolo ice cream … putting some nutrition in there … its a start!

What is the sunflower in your life today? As you bloom and blossom are there petals still stuck that haven’t quite got with the bloomin’ fullness yet? I am sure there are and all I can say is enjoy the process… because at one point or another in your life some plans are buds, some are partially open and some are in full bloom and others are dying off making room for new growth.

The best I can say comes to mind in the words of Eliza Doolittle, from My Fair Lady, “Moove your bloomin’ arse …” and get your mantra in place!

Blessings on an incredible day!

Published by #breakingstibah

Years of learning about my own inner world has brought me to teach others. Grief, loss, bereavement, sadness are all parts of joy, love, compassion and desire. Without one set the other is lost.

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