Find life ….

Often when we are feeling lost or lonely it is very difficult to find life. Hard to see green shoots or hope, new growth … I love baking and making food for myself. I live alone and have developed a passion to care for me, with great food and exploration.

Most recently I have begun to sprout seeds. This shows me there is life everywhere… Bee happy … find life … watch for life around you and ask to see it. As one is grieving it is often that signs of life are lost. Imagining new life, watching trees sprout leaves and gardens pushing out shoots of green. Sprouting seeds in your kitchen to watching your house plants come to life. The simple act of watching will bring renewed hope and wellness to your heart and soul.

Published by #breakingstibah

Years of learning about my own inner world has brought me to teach others. Grief, loss, bereavement, sadness are all parts of joy, love, compassion and desire. Without one set the other is lost.

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