Strength Inside

Sunday May 24th – 35 km cycling — Monday May 25th – 45 km cycling …

What does it mean to feel strong physically? It is when we are in a state of dis-ease that we struggle with motivation, finding passion and energy. I know that feeling. I have spent many days where I feel I cannot lift my head off the pillow …. I sit at the computer and just stare at social media and, when I was drinking, reconciled it was justified having a glass of wine with my lunch. I know what it feels like to be down, out, overwhelmed and depressed. I was dis-eased and out of sync with the world.

I chose to find passion and motivation again. It was hard some days and all I managed to do was to get out of bed and get dressed and go to work … that said, THAT is what saved me. The tiny habits of simply doing something, anything that can be celebrated. I love BJ Fogg’s approach to changing behaviour that in turn changes your life.

One of my first race finishes… so proud!

I did not start out cycling 35 – 45 kms in one go! I also did not start out running 10+ km in one go either. I vividly remember thinking to myself one day … “I cannot imagine running 10 kms.” and that was that. I could not imagine it so I never even thought about it. In March of 2017 my daughter had just birthed her first child and was beginning her training again to get back to where she had been pre-pregnancy. She is a runner, cyclist and swimmer; a triathlete. She said, “mom you should train for a tri-a-tri!” and with the birth of my baby grandson came the birth of my now routine. She had a baby and so did I! I began there. I could not necessarily imagine doing a tri-a-tri (350 m. swim, 10 kms bike, 2.5 km run) what I could imagine was training with my beloved daughter because she believed in me. I found this touched my strength inside.

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with my fitness level …. it was a start! A change in my behaviour that changed my life. I began there. The first race I did was a 5 km and I walked and ran my way through it. The second race I did, again a 5 km, I ran as long as I could and then began walking … my daughter passed me and she regaled as she went by, “way to go Mom, you did 1.3 kms before walking!” I was elated … celebration time.

When we trust our strength inside of ourselves the well is deep. It is endless and the potential for successful living is exponentially increased. So exciting … it is possible. Since that season in 2017 I have completed a ½ marathon and have seven finisher medals and 15 bibs hanging on my wall. I have gone completely alcohol free and have passionately cleaned up my eating habits … except for ice cream! I love ice cream and I am 60 years old! I have dreams and aspirations to race around the world and will qualify for the world’s multi sport at some time when racing is happening again. Until then I look after me, I race with me, I run and bike for me with me and I have found my strength inside. You can too!

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Years of learning about my own inner world has brought me to teach others. Grief, loss, bereavement, sadness are all parts of joy, love, compassion and desire. Without one set the other is lost.

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