Change is not a bad word…

Today I saw on the news reports how legions are looking at the final curtain. This saddens me while it also causes me to ask and wonder about natural endings. I personally belong to a chorus and this question has crossed my mind, is this the end of our chorus? As I read about book stores selling out of books it was not long ago when there was a vein of conversation about the written word and were books going to go extinct and now there is a surge of book reading.

This ebb and flow in our lives is real and it is evidence of the cycle of the life of beginnings and endings. Every day we witness beginnings and endings. Some are more obvious and more painful than others and some simply happen without us even noticing … beginnings and endings are inevitable each and every day. In being aware, it is our way of accepting and or coping that individuates and singles us out. The event itself may happen for many people and yet while some cope well, some struggle and some have a total meltdown. This is mental health awareness …. and this is how we observe and care for our fellow humans on this planet when we care for these experiences.

One of the first courses I took in the bachelor program in 2007 was Spiritual Journey, Rites of Passage, Honouring Life’s Changes and it was the roots of the work I do today. On our spiritual journey we find our way, individually, how to be in the world. The purpose and meaning of our own lives. Rites of passage, are the small ways that we celebrate and honour the endings in our lives to allow beginnings to flourish and be welcomed into the space where we live. Honouring life’s changes take living life with purpose and realizing everyday things are important and key to being happy and joy-filled.

This time of isolation has reset many things, of which I am personally happy about. I believe COVID in its essence has brought about change that is good. This virus has inadvertently brought us back to community, brought us back to our home plate, called the team home, and anchored us back in family and the root chakra. This virus has been a gift, although many will be challenged by this statement, I ask you to look around and see what has ended in your life and where new beginnings have taken root right under your very nose. While you were grieving, lamenting and hunkering there was a green shoot of hope springing up right beside you, in what you were perceiving as the darkness of Hades.

Alvin Toffler wrote in Future Shock, “Change is avalanching upon our heads and most people are grotesquely unprepared to cope with it.” That is the work I love to do …. help people cope with change. As I work in the space of personal awareness and living in this time and space in order to understand the future and the past I watch people blossom as they are given permission to simply be where they are and feel the grief, pain and sadness. To virtually hold the hand of the child that fearfully walks into the valley of death is a gift and an honour.

The 23rd Psalm reads, “Lo’ tho’ I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me … your rod and your staff protect me…” in ancient text there is much wisdom … experience is the gift of the divine energy to allow for purpose, meaning and passion for life to emerge. Step into your own experience and live in the valley of death so you can begin the new experience of heading to the next light filled peak!

Published by #breakingstibah

Years of learning about my own inner world has brought me to teach others. Grief, loss, bereavement, sadness are all parts of joy, love, compassion and desire. Without one set the other is lost.

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